The meaning of Christmas

Gene Smith
2 min readDec 20, 2018

when we learn what life is worth, then we will have peace on Earth…Stevie Wonder

December brings one of the most magical holidays people celebrate worldwide, Christmas. Decorations go up on houses, presents and of course, the Christmas tree. It is a marketed as a festive time of year, and boy, is it ever marketed.

Images of Santa Claus, reindeer, the North Pole, elves working to make presents dominate the cycle. Family feasts are prepared, ugly sweaters become stylish and traditions honored. Heaven forbid snow is not an ingredient in your celebration, or you have just not had a real Christmas.

This begs the question, what is the real meaning of Christmas? In my lifetime of 58 years, I have experienced snow on Christmas maybe a handful of times, yet never did I feel my Christmas was any less special because of it. Maybe it was how I was raised by my parents.

Instead of being taught about a jolly fat man in a red suit and going into credit card debt to fill Corporate America’s portrayal of Christmas for profit, I was taught the true meaning of Christmas. I learned why and how the birth of Jesus is so important to everyday life.

The First Christmas

Over 2,000 years ago Joseph and Mary roamed the land searching for a place for the Christ child to be born. Every place they went, they were turned away. They were told there was “no vacancies” and to keep moving. My question is, if people knew it was the savior of the world that Mary was carrying, would they still have been turned away? I do not think so.

Yet he was turned away, repeatedly. People were not open to welcoming others not like them, and no one was ready or preparing to open their homes or hearts for Jesus. Everyone failed this test miserably, which is why he was born outside, in a manger in a stable with nothing but animals there to welcome Jesus into the world.

Fast forward to 2018

For those that call themselves “Christians”, are you ready now to welcome Jesus? The opportunity is there at the southern border of the United States. Is Jesus among the people coming here seeking asylum? Are we welcoming him in, or are we separating him from his parents? Are we welcoming him or teargassing him?

Watching the hatred unfold at the border as the least of our brethren try to come here legally for a better way of life, it would seem people have learned nothing.

Christmas is a selfish holiday now where the end game is to see how many presents you get. It is a selfish holiday because people have not learned the reward in life is being giving and welcoming to our fellow man.

Jesus is still weeping.

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