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Gene Smith
4 min readJul 3, 2019

Let me start by saying this is in no way a non-secular piece. Considering myself a Christian, this is merely to illuminate the differences of opinion from other people that call themselves Christians too. At the conclusion you can decide who’s values are more in step with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

For everyone that has heard the story of Moses, we know he received the Ten Commandments from the mountain top. Thou shall not covet thy neighbors possessions. These ten rules given to us on how to live our lives are the roadmap to righteousness.

These rules were given to us in the first section of the Bible. This first section is referred to as the “ Old Testament “. The books given to us in this section occurred prior to the birth of the Christ Child. A personal favorite is “Proverbs”. This is where god gave the knowledge to wisdom to Solomon. You will have to read it to understand how to interpret it. It is worth it.

The New Testament

In the second, and last, section of the Bible it is called “The New Testament”. Here are where the teachings of Jesus are found. More importantly, here is where his actions are on display. This is where the example was set for us how to live our lives. This is true because of the last Commandment given, “ love one another as I have loved you “.

Basically, we are to treat one another the way we want to be treated. Some call it Karma, other faiths have other terms for it. Treating one another with kindness is the example he showed us. In short, to be Christian is to be “Christ like”.

To the point, “forgiveness” is the cornerstone of this belief. Anyone that asked for this, Jesus granted it. With His last act on The Cross, He forgave the person being crucified to his right that asked for it. Then he promised him a place in Paradise.

We Suck Again

Every single person on the planet falls short of a “perfect” day in the eyes of the Lord. (looking at you again Mike Pence) This means no one has the right to be judgmental of others. Obviously criminal or civil court cases do not apply.

Judge not lest you be judged. This scripture in Matthew refers to those that live in “glass houses”. Jesus said, “ let he who is without sin cast the first stone “. Too many times though, the cries from the Evangelical crowd is condemning those that do not believe what they do. This is called “The…

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