Living in an Oppressive Society

Gene Smith
5 min readSep 5, 2021

Living Under a Thumb

Please raise your hand if you believe controlling another human being is a good thing. There is only one correct answer, but I will not give it to you. First let’s explore what control is, the personality type that employs it and effect it has on those who are trying to be controlled. So we all can be on the same page as far as the definition of the word control”, here is the dictionary definition. : to direct the behavior of (a person or animal) : to cause (a person or animal) to do what you want Unless you are at your place of business supervising employees, I know of no one who thinks being controlled is a good idea.

Now let’s talk about the personality type that uses this tactic, not in the workplace. Larger than life people tend to display signs of controlling characteristics. Bosses, celebrities, professional athletes and last but not least, politicians. Think about it, how many times have seen a political ad where the candidate came across as a bragger, pompous or narcissistic. Too many is my guess. This class of person has the belief that no one can tell them what to do, and they will impose their will on you, or for lack of a better term, “own you”.

Once this faux power is achieved, an iron fist approach is used to keep those in line that are to be dominated. In the political realm, these tactics include harsh fines and incarceration. The new Texas anti-abortion laws reflect this exact image of cruelty and hypocrisy by republicans that enact laws in that State.

The Hypocrisy of the Pro Life Argument

Pro Life supporters would have you believe abortion is wrong because all life is sacred. This justifies anti-abortion rallies, physical intimidation tactics at OB/GYN clinics and making laws criminalizing a woman’s choice. The hypocrisies are not limited to just one opposing point of view:

  1. To be pro life, you first must care about the lives that already exist. Instead of caring for those lives they’re pigeon holed/labeled, to fit a certain narrative, like “welfare queen” or “drain on society”. That type of thinking is not pro-life, it is just the opposite. There are millions of working Americans that need assistance to have some quality of life due to suppressed wages. Either…



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