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Gene Smith
3 min readSep 25, 2019

Arizona is a key battleground state in the upcoming 2020 elections. Bill Clinton was the last Democrat to win the state in a Presidential election. That was 24 tears ago in 1996. The political tide has been turning here making Arizona more of a Purple state, trending blue. The 2018 elections saw Democrats take control of the congressional seats, holding five of the nine seats allotted.

The Senate race between Democrat Mark Kelly and Republican appointed incumbent Martha McSally shows the challenger in the lead. With a Senate race being statewide, momentum up and down the ballot in November belongs to Democrats. If Kelly can maintain his lead in the polls this helps the Democratic nominee for President.

Local races can ride some of this draft in statewide elections, but it is no guarantee a win is on the horizon. The 8th Congressional District of Arizona might be one of those local races that can benefit from the corruption that is the Trump Administration.

A Chink in the Armor

Many more Republicans than Democrats are not seeking re-election in 2020 in Congress. Pundits argue this is because Republicans cannot withstand the consequences from voters for obsequiously supportive of the President. There are few that believe they can stand up to the Blue Tsunami that approaches.

Arizona’s 8th has long been believed to be a Republican stronghold. Looking at the number of voters in the district, Republican 196+K, Democrats 118+K and Independents 154+K, the incumbent in this district should not rest easy.

The incumbent in this district has fallen in line with Donald Trump and all he stands for. She supports: Separating families seeking asylum and refugee status, putting them in cages with no running water. She supports building a wall to keep brown people from entering the United States. Last but not least, she supports the obstructing of the constitutional responsibility of congressional oversight.

The people are tired of this and the numbers exist to replace this bigotry as their representation.

The obvious choice

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