Gene Smith
3 min readSep 14, 2020


It’s hard to know where to start.

but that’s not the hard part,

so I’ll kick this off without resolution

from inception of this country one thing’s for certain

the thing that was flawed is our constitution,

It was meant to be a living, breathing document tis true,

but slavery was legal

George Washington owned them too,

so believing christianity

was the intent of its writers is a myth,

slavery was a means to cash in with,

if you think slavery was a good idea one things for certain,

the book of Exodus would never have been written,

Nearly 100 years enslaving existed,

black men protested and racism persisted,

12 constitutional amendments were added in that time,

to slave owner’s equality and freedom were sublime,

the highest court in the land,

Supreme Court as we know it

ignored Dredd Scott, and gave the plan going forward,

Chief justice Taney stated very clear,

black men in America had better live in fear,

without hesitation and with specific intent,



Gene Smith

Juris Doctor, Retired Law Enforcement, contributor to The Ascent. Host of the podcast, “Hanging ith Uncle” #follow back followers