What the Georgia Senate Runoff Vote 2020 means

The late Elijah Cummings D-MD, said it best when coined the 2020 election cycle as a “ fight for the soul of our nation “. He was and still is absolutely correct in that statement. President-Elect, Joe Biden embraced that sentiment as his campaign slogan for the presidential election cycle of 2020. He was right to use it.

Thank you Georgia for exercising your Constitutional right to vote and flipping the State Blue for the 2020 presidential cycle. Your work is not complete though. There is another branch of government that must be dealt with, the Senate.

Both senate seats…

How has Chuck Schumer been held unaccountable for so long?

If you are old enough to remember the Presidential Election of 2000, you should recall how you felt once you learned the outcome. Al Gore won the popular vote yet lost the Electoral College vote. This has been why an overwhelming majority of Americans favor abolishing the entity.

That was not the reason for the controversy over the election however. It boiled down to one state, Florida. Vice President Gore was originally declared the winner of the state, then the games and shenanigans began. The obvious starting point would be the Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush. …

A Unified Screaming From Wallets Across America’s Working Families

Let me paint a picture

a real lop sided story

what we have in America

isn’t democracy but Oligarchy.

Where the rich are few

and control wealth and power

decides and fund lawmakers

to collect all our dollars.

It began in the 80's

Ronald Reagan led the charge

with “trickle down” economics

it was all just a farce.

My first day in boot camp

we learned what trickles downhill

it’s not money that comes, no way

what trickles down

is the color brown

and all you can do is take it

because you think you have no say.

The wage…

In Training to be a Father

My childhood was interesting to say the least. Not to say it was different from other children. I am only relating to my experiences and how it shaped me into becoming the father I am and the relationship with my sons. I have no daughters.

As families go, I am the third of seven children. Three boys, a girl, then three more brothers. Dad worked 33 years for the Post Office before retiring, and mom worked full time dealing with us. How she dealt with dad is another story. That woman should be Canonized.

Reflecting on the skills my dad…


It’s hard to know where to start.

but that’s not the hard part,

so I’ll kick this off without resolution

from inception of this country one thing’s for certain

the thing that was flawed is our constitution,

It was meant to be a living, breathing document tis true,

but slavery was legal

George Washington owned them too,

so believing christianity

was the intent of its writers is a myth,

slavery was a means to cash in with,

if you think slavery was a good idea one things for certain,

the book of Exodus would never have been written,

Nearly 100…

Arizona is a key battleground state in the upcoming 2020 elections. Bill Clinton was the last Democrat to win the state in a Presidential election. That was 24 tears ago in 1996. The political tide has been turning here making Arizona more of a Purple state, trending blue. The 2018 elections saw Democrats take control of the congressional seats, holding five of the nine seats allotted.

The Senate race between Democrat Mark Kelly and Republican appointed incumbent Martha McSally shows the challenger in the lead. With a Senate race being statewide, momentum up and down the ballot in November belongs…

Hello everyone. It is once again “campaign season” for America and the process of electing law makers is upon us. Voters will be asked to research, support and elect candidates for numerous offices up and down the ballot. Political junkies like myself understand elections are ever present. Every two years our House of Representatives subjects itself to this under the rules established in our Constitution.

Campaigns must have a brain trust in place to establish the platform it runs on. Campaign professionals are headhunted to give the candidate the best chance of winning. The two most important parts are getting…

Let me start by saying this is in no way a non-secular piece. Considering myself a Christian, this is merely to illuminate the differences of opinion from other people that call themselves Christians too. At the conclusion you can decide who’s values are more in step with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

For everyone that has heard the story of Moses, we know he received the Ten Commandments from the mountain top. Thou shall not covet thy neighbors possessions. These ten rules given to us on how to live our lives are the roadmap to righteousness.

These rules were given…

Some people are naturally drawn to power, influence and success. The general hope of those seeking to travel in well-to-do circles hope to grab a crumb that falls from their tables. Ride on coattails so to speak. Others vie for favor, seeking to obtain a position in the upper echelon. Climbing the ladder to fame and fortune is the ultimate goal.

What is broadcasted across the media are how the affluent live. Fancy cars, big houses and the coolest adult toys are put on display. It is a natural human condition to want, but at what cost. We only see…

I get by with a little help from my friends a wise man once said. And at times all of us need that time to regroup and heal mentally. There are the traditional methods for seeking mental help such as psychiatrist and psychologist. Some people turn to friends they can confide in and some turn to mind altering substances for escape.

For whatever the reason, everyone needs a healthy option to vent or release emotions that cause mental turmoil. Exercise has proven to be beneficial for alleviating stress and increasing physical fitness. …

Gene Smith

Juris Doctor, Retired Law Enforcement, Legislative District Chairman, Democratic State Committee Member, contributor to The Ascent. #follow back followers

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